6 months after the GDPR : are we there yet ?

The panic towards May 25th has gone, business continues as before and a large majority of the Flemish organizations admit they are nowhere with regard to GDPR compliance.

A study of Wolters Kluwer, a major publishing company in Flanders, reveals that 12 % of our companies has done nothing yet, almost half of our organisations does not even have a register of processing activities and 94% admits they are in a responsive mode : they will take action once the requests start to come.

Unfortunately, as our Belgian DPA apparently only exists on paper and most of their members still need to be officially appointed by the Belgian Parliament, and they clearly announce in the public press that they are not ready for issuing controls nor for imposing fines, the pressure for our businesses is not extremely high.

But you shouldn’t comply to GDPR or whatever privacy regulation to avoid fines …
Complying shows respect to your employees, to your customers and to whomever trusts you with their personal data. So the next best time to react is TODAY, as the best time already has expired …