Happy Data Protection day !


Today, Monday 28th of January, is data protection day.

This day should remind companies and individuals to respect and protect privacy and data in general.

However, statistics reveal that anno 2019, these subjects are still not top of mind in Belgian company strategies.

Data are the capital of any successful organisation. So why protect the building, why protect the physical stock if your data are out in the open, ready to be stolen by anyone ?

The article below invites you to a very interesting discussion on these subject during the next Infosecurity and Data & Cloud Expo in Brussels.


Subjects that will certainly be discussed :

  • What’s the actual status in our Belgian business landscape

  • What fines have been issued in the 9 months since GDPR

  • What about e-Privacy regulation

Off course, Serve-iT will attend and will keep you posted on the outcome of the discussion.