DPO as a Service

When the GDPR requires you to have a DPO within your company.
And you don’t have a trained resource available for this job.

Good news : our highly trained and certified DPO’s (Data Protection Officers) can help you.

We take on the responsibilities that come with the function and make it our priority to understand your business.

  • Inform employees who process personal data and advise them on their obligations as stipulated in the GDPR;

  • Supervise compliance with the GDPR, including the allocation of responsibilities, raising awareness and training of staff;

  • Provide advice on and supervise the execution of Data Protection Impact Assessments;

  • Cooperate with and act as a contact point for the supervisory authority.

Formula D2D

960 € per day

You call us when you need us

Formula 12

10.560 €

One day per month, we are available to make sure you remain GDPR compliant

Formula 6

5.520 €

We are at your service
1 day every 2 months to assist you in remaining GDPR compliant