The company

Serve-iT was founded in 1993 as a general IT-company.
From the very beginning, security played an important role. We were amongst the first companies in the region that started implementing badge-readers for access control, time tracking etc…

Since a couple of years, we are highly focused on GDPR (privacy) and e-Privacy, ISO27k (Information Security), and eIDAS (electronic signatures). 

We provide assistance and support in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) assessments and implementation, Information Security, Data protection and Privacy.
Our unique and collaborative approach recognizes the complexity of implementing 'organizational and technical measures' within a company and strives to deliver pragmatic business and compliance solutions.

The team consists of

Krist Cappelle

  • General Manager of Serve-iT

  • DPO at your service 

  • Information security specialist (ISO27k, NIS, …)

  • GDPR trainer

  • Seasoned project manager security projects

  • Experienced public speaker 

  • Information security specialists

  • Lawyers and legal counsels

  • Pen testing experts and forensics analysts

  • Clinical trials specialists

so we can cover the full spectrum of requirements for GDPR compliancy